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          Dalat is located in Lam Vien Plateau, Lam Dong province with 1,500 high-profile sea level and is surrounded by mountains and forests, Da Lat inherited a mountain temperate climate and year-round balmy.

Tourism-Da-Lat - City-thousand-flowers

Tourism Da Lat - City thousand flowers

          Referring to Dalat, tourists will think of a city with many fine listings in Southeast Asia such as: Spring City, City of Love, Misty City, City of Thousand Flowers, ... In fact when it comes to Da Lat, visitors will see firsthand the dim mist unfurl unfurling on the green hills, a deep sadness mixed with air in our hearts, but walked out of the forest when thousands of silver, a colorful world the color of the flowers will warm my heart, feel a sense of second peaceful and romantic at the City of Eternal Spring.

         At night, visitors can enjoy a fragrant and tender from the hyacinth spread out, jasmine, roses ... mountain plateau makes even more romantic and seductive. Chrysanthemums bloom year-round in Da Lat. There are over 20 different button things. One of the species mentioned chamomile or sans - Souci (not caught grief - very best) then Hortensia (hydrangeas), Pensee, cosmos (butterfly), Oeiuet (carnation), violette (purple flowers), Immortelle (immortal flower), arum (trumpet flower stalk). Some brought flowers sourced from North America, Mexico, Africa or Europe, but the righteous named Vietnam such as Hoang Anh (verged'or), dahlia (Dahlia), the second line (begomia rex), wolf snout (Gueule de loup), lantern flowers (fuchsia), determined cannon (sauge eclatante), nasturtium (capucine) ...


Where to go?

          Truc Lam Template

          Located beside Tuyen Lam Lake, more than 5 km from Da Lat, Dalat Truc Lam Template is the largest, was built in the style of harmony between metal and ancient, but extremely elegant sanctuary. Not only a place of learning where many monks or Zen studies of researchers at home and abroad, it also attracts many tourists to visit and worship.


Truc Lam Template

          Valley of Love

         As beautiful and romantic place, this place is extremely suitable for couples who love each other. Also, with charming river scenery, fresh air, Love Valley is ideal for travel, picnics with the family.


        Mount Langbiang

         Go to Langbiang, daytime visitors can go explore the wonderful natural landscape of this place and see the girl sat weaving Creek. But at night, the chilly air of the plateau would be appropriate for your group gathered by the fire, holding outdoor party with wine and traditional dances.


        Elephant Waterfall - Pagoda Linh An

        Elephant waterfall or cascade called Lieng Rowoa extremely impressive with more than 30m height, width of 40m. The reason is called by the waterfall cascade Elephant rocks look like baby elephants. This waterfall roaring day and night pouring water forming incredibly spectacular sight. Behind the waterfall is deep caves full of mystery as smoking hun queue for hours ...


DaLat - Waterfall-tour-Pongour

Da Lat - Waterfall tour Pongour

       In addition, there are other places such as Cam Ly waterfall, waterfall Pongour, Da Lat Flower Park, Suoi Vang Lake, Dalat Golf ....

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