Halong bay Travel

In Halong Bay with thousands of limestone islands, large and small with the size, different shapes standing between waves, cloudy blue sky.

     Along with Halong tours, delegations from many countries around the world, such as America, Australia, France, Spain, Sweden departs enjoy the journey along Halong Bay , delightful experience with rowing kayaking. Scenery of the mountains, the water blends together into a cool blue, the breeze blowing from the sea to cool the space on Halong luxury cruise, dispel the heat of summer. Enjoy the scenery of Ha Long Bay cruise brings guests the feeling of being mixed into the natural space unique. Sitting on the deck sipping cool fruit juice feel yourself small before the majestic natural scenery.

     Cruising Halong surfing through the limestone mountains are named after the natural shape such as Ga Choi island, Roofs island, Dinh Huong island, ... In Halong Bay with thousands of limestone islands, large and small with the size, different shapes standing between waves, cloudy blue sky.


    Attractive and vibrant when the yachts parked next to the fishing village, visitors are free kayak and enjoy the scenery between the blue water. Wonderful beauty of nature through unique imagery and mystery of the thousands of limestone islands, caves with stalactites in Ha Long Bay has fascinated countless visitors. But to feel all the grandeur of nature and discovery of cliffs, caves thousands of years rolling waves, or watch birds landed on the cliffs and touch the stone thousands of years old, the best way is kayaking. If you can not swim, try feeling immensely enjoy when kayak rowing diminutive on the vast waters.


     That but the specific instructions of the guide you will feel the rowing becomes extremely easy and attractive. Each unit has 2 people rowing seat, everyone was very excited and they visited fishing villages, explore the work of fishermen fishing village on the beach or admire the limestone islands at close range more. They rowed the boat to the nearby foothills and discover new emotions is one of the favorite pastimes of tourists come to Ha Long. When the kayak wriggle through the unnamed island, we see firsthand the beauty of coral reefs, the tiny fish swim up dance hit, countless other interesting scenery.


     There are many types of kayaks are made of composite resin, molded rubber or inflatable boats. The island such as Hang Luon, Three Peach, Ba Ham, Dau Be, Hang Co ... is the appropriate place for tourists kayaking ... In the low cave, visitors must lay down the boat and use your hands push up ceiling to be inside.

     Especially when the overnight tour participant on the Halong bay, many visitors enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the sea, and they ended their experience with a night full of fun. Most people are exhilarating and happy because they had an exciting experience. In the afternoon the yacht is also interesting period of time for visitors, to prepare for dinner, the chef prepared the raw materials bap rolls of meat, vermicelli, mushrooms, carrots, spices, egg and rice paper. They guide visitors make the traditional cake of Vietnam.


Sunset in the sea

     Guests come from far away country, they were very excited because the experience with Nem, a traditional dish of Vietnam. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique cuisine and flavor Vietnam aboard the luxurious Phoenix. The bedroom on this ship is designed in a unique way and cozy, it's like the room in luxury hotels in Hanoi Vietnam. When the sun start disappear in the sea is when the sea surface be embellish by the shimmering lights of the yacht. Halong mysteriously beautiful and when the first rays appeared on the horizon signaling the end of the journey with exciting experiences came.



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