Travel to Halong - Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau Island has a cool climate, the romantic landscape with blue sea water which always attracts many tourists to Tuan Chau.

     Tuan Chau Island  is located in the southwest of the city of Ha Long. This is the only island in the 1969 islands formed by the mixing of soil and schist in the World Natural Heritage Halong. Tuan Chau convenient transport both by road, sea, rail and air.

       Tuan Chau Island has an area of ​​approximately 250 hectares, magnificent natural conditions. With smooth white sand carpet stretching 6km, blue sea waters surrounding lush green pine forests.


        In addition to charming beauty, captivated hearts, Tuan Chau is also buried several locations of Ha Long culture Neolithic era with lots of stone tools found as table grinding, stone axes, stripped piece , ceramics ...

       Coming to resort Ha Long - Tuan Chau, tourists not only admire the spectacular beauty of Halong Bay - the world's natural wonders, but also to participate in recreation activities extremely attractions such as water music, performances whales, ...


       With an area of ​​2.5 hectares is a large lake deepens hilltop, beneath the pine trees of green forest next to the beach. Theatre, which organized the water music program is designed as a giant scalloped containing pearls dragon sparkling magic.

      Here, there are performance art fascinating, epic, live music by the synchronous coordination of thousands of faucets, colored lights, laser lights and fire dozens of columns is controlled by techniques of modern technology of Projectors and Laser Effects. Enjoy and explore the technology artworks shaped by water, fire and lasers attractive, you will definitely be satisfied passion, curiosity in exploring tour Ha Long - Tuan Chau.


The Miss of Vietnam 2004

        This is one of the most modern in Southeast Asia and first appeared in Vietnam in 2004. This work of art is one of the highlights of the overall resort and entertainment Tuan Chau International. Is venue for major cultural events of the country, such as the Festival of Tourism, the national of Miss in 2004, Miss Vietnam, Thousand flavors in 2010.

       Also, when traveling Tuan Chau island, visitors can not miss the hilarious performances of dolphins been domesticated by the teaching of professional coaches. Visitors will witness the dolphins and sea lions perform back flips between the blue waters as pearl, visitors will witness the dolphins and sea lions perform back flips between the blue waters as pearl, gray eyes watching emotional sea lions when they invite you along participate in games or dance with the dolphins gentle kindness.


Dolphin performances immensely enjoy

        Come to the Tuan Chau island, you will visit and enjoy the food at Tuan Chau cuisine area, here, you can choose many delicious dishes from the menu is diverse and abundant. Come to the Tuan Chau cuisine area, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy dishes from all 3 regions of North, Central and South of Vietnam, is the convergence most of the Vietnamese dishes from folk to luxury .


Tuan Chau cuisine area


        Moreover, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a incredibly relaxing holiday and interesting at the luxurious room in the most luxurious hotels in Vietnam at Tuan Chau Island.

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