Tourist destinations Ho Chi Minh City

A young city of Saigon, Vietnam's dynamic. When Saigon tourist, you will feel a bustling atmosphere, cheerful, modern, but still preserve Saigon in its traditional culture of their ancestors.

       The first image to the Ho Chi Minh City tour crowded the sunlit path. The influx is bustling, fast-forward as fear of being late for an appointment with someone, opposite a few individual street vendors, silent corner, but always attentive customer service each style Saigon's very own.

      Besides the noisy, bustling urban places, there are still Saigon poetic way, shady trees such as Tu Xuong, Truong Dinh, Le Duan ... gently for visitors to walk, breathe Sai into the air.

      Ancient Beauty of Saigon in preserving many villas, churches, families, ancient temples scattered throughout the area of Ho Chi Minh City. Tourists easily asking for information when to visit Vinh Nghiem Pagoda, Jade Emperor Pagoda, Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, the Nha Rong wharf buildings sexism time ..... In addition, there are many traditional festivals are held annually to remind the younger generation to honor and preserve national culture.

      Not only that, Saigon is also known for the most luxurious hotels in Vietnam such as Blue Diamond Hotel, Pullman Saigon Centre, Hotel Nikko, ...

      Saigon at the crossroads of culinary culture regions of Vietnam. Saigon Cuisine diversity incredibly. Visitors can select northern cuisine, dishes of Hue, and the rustic south. In the extensive menu, Pho dishes are considered "appetite" for tourists Backpacks (Pho 24, Pho 2000, ...), followed by Hue dishes such as dirt cake, cake Nam, ... And can not forget the pan cake Muoi Xiem, pan cake are special foods of the South West. In addition Saigon cafe is a pleasure not to be missed in this city.

Notre Dame Cathedral
       Real name: Immaculate Conception Cathedral Basilica, is the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Ho Chi Minh City. This is also a Catholic church large scale and distinctive, one of the architectural works attract the most visitors in this city. Through many vicissitudes of history, Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon gradually became a symbol of the city center.


Ben Thanh Market
       Unlike Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi, Ben Thanh Market are very familiar with Vietnamese and international tourists to travel in Ho Chi Minh City. Go to the Ben Thanh market, you can not ignore the food court with the presence of traditional dishes all over the country. January 2012, Ben Thanh Market is culinary magazine Food and Wine as one of the 10 places have street food most fascinating planet.


Nha Rong Wharf
       Nha Rong Wharf is now Ho Chi Minh Museum - Branch Ho Chi Minh City, is a branch of the museum system and monuments commemorating the late President Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. This is a the building with two dragons on the roof, like "two dragons flanking the moon" so often referred to as "The Dragon", so in this region harbors also called Nha Rong Wharf.

City Theatre
       Formerly an entertainment center dedicated to the character of the French luxury. Time America, this theater turned into the House of Representatives of the Ho Chi Minh regime. This is the kind of theater in ancient Imperialists architecture and is considered as a tourist destination. Ho Chi Minh Opera House is an architectural counterweight to the Hanoi Opera House (construction in 1911, Opéra Garnier samples architecture in Paris, 900 seats, architects Broger et Harloy). Ho Chi Minh Opera House is only peculiar beauty incomparable. The author of this architecture is the architect Félix Olivier, Ernest Guichard and Eugène Ferret built in 1900 in the style of "flamboyant" of the French Third Republic.


Vam Sat Eco-travel
        Located between two rivers flow Vam Sat and Long Tau, the ecotourism Vam Sat mangrove forest with the beauty of the most beautiful forests of the world biosphere reserve Can Gio mangrove forest, Can Gio District , Ho Chi Minh city. To visit Vam Sat by sailboat is a new form of travel and tourist attraction for domestic and foreign. The journey begins at Bach Dang Wharf in the early morning when the city seems not yet awake. You will enjoy the fresh air, the wind and watching the natural landscape both sides. On the cruise you will be served food and enjoy the feeling of peace. And a very interesting thing is when tour participants Vam Sat ecological area you will be watching the sunrise and sunset on the city's magnificent sailing.


Stork garden Thu Duc
        The center of Ho Chi Minh city about 20 kilometers, is located in the Village Cong, Long My Thanh Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. This is eco-tourism very quiet, clean. Do not understand why there are only 2 choices this garden as a place to live. During peak season from September to April, where storks gather up to 2,000 poultries. Every afternoon, flocks storks flying together in their nest, liven up a corner of the sky. Watch the white stork in the afternoon light will leave an unforgettable impression.



Van Thanh Tourist Area
        Located east of Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Thanh district, overlooking the city of Vung Tau. located in the open area of the Thi Nghe River, tributary of the Saigon River - Van Thanh is where entertainment of the people of Saigon. Evening Van Thanh always bustling music and dance in the cool air of the river, the eucalyptus trees.

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