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Along with the old Doai origin, ancient Ba Vi mountain region is a treasure myths, fairy lore, anecdote-rich and diverse Here, place of birth holy land has many masterpieces ...
Ba Vi mountain called Mount Tan Vien located in Ba Vi district (Hanoi), and Ky Son Luong Son (Peace), a city about 60km from Hanoi. is one of the ancient mountains of the country and the mountain of spiritual, eternal dwelling place of the Holy Vien - Son Tinh, the spirit of the gods' immortality quartet "of Vietnam folk beliefs.

       Legend has it that the Son Tinh Ba Vi mountain is used by mountain book approximate lifted, glass block floodwaters win the war.
        Ba Vi mountain region, with a lot of rural land, known as cap hills, streams and localities, lakes, coastal beaches, temples and shrines ... vivid regional and national folklore legend corresponds Doai of Son Tinh.
         The folk anecdotes about the battle between Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh, proves our ancestors began to expand its borders from downstream Da, construction to create a fertile mountainous Ba Vi as day this.

          Ca dao with this statement: "high as Mount Ba Vi / Tuesday Tam Monday monopoly". In fact, Ba Vi mountain is Mount Tam High 1.296m 1.581m high return, but probably in Ba Vi is where Members of the church, people should be honored to be the highest mountain, the most sacred (?) . Mount Ba Vi as a mighty dragon, and the dragon itself running smoothly in the south (Truong Son).
         Currently the North and South was not "discovered King", King Street post Cao Bien, general use witchcraft spells for hundreds of wells around the foot of Mount Ba Vi district to cover, carefully our country circuit. But well, continuing education is the almost complete collapse. And finally, Cao Bien had to give here.
       Along with old Doai origin, ancient region of Ba Vi Mountain is a legendary treasure, fairy lore, anecdote-rich and diverse Here, the birth place of many holy land was exhausted. Which is generally famous, famous people, famous through the official thoi.dai that "two kings" Ngo Quyen and Phung Hung, where "mountain Tan Da" born poet, prominent journalist Tan Da - Nguyen Khac Hieu ...
          Abundant natural resources of Ba Vi mountain, diverse. Climate Ba Vi mountain freshness. Since 1932, France has selected the Ba Vi Mountain is an ideal place in the Delta, such as Sa Pa in the Northwest, such as Da Lat in the Central Highlands.
          Mount Ba Vi area has many scenic spots such as King Pond, Green-Suoi Tien chamber, Thac Mo, Thac Da, Ivory Waterfall, Waterfall Guide, prepared mountain, forest fighting, Xuan Khanh Lake, Suoi Hai, Dong Mo Lake -Ngai Son, Tien Sa lake, spring lake, spring Squeeze, Mit Spring Lake, Ngoc Nhi stork hill, resorts Dam Long, Ba Vi National Park ...
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