Hue garden houses Tourism

Traditional garden house architecture has given a green space Hue bold strokes. Tourism product "garden" is an undeniable strength of the tourism capital.
             Most tourists who visit Hue is to admire the temple shrines, tombs, temples ... at anyone thinking of visiting to admire the Hue garden houses.

             For a long time, the famous garden houses of Hue are surrounded by lush gardens of historic houses. The old houses and hidden gardens where, contains ideas, Hue human personality.

             Hue garden as a microcosm of daily life is a humble, hardworking life mount, patience with the nature of man. Hue garden is an epitome of the cultural landscape architecture. That's the historic houses in the garden is that the architecture of the agreement very elaborately carved, the top edge, the bank decided relief, the dragon decoration, the clouds look nice. Hue garden houses are roofed with tiles stock through a second time was covered with a layer of green moss mixed into the green of trees around the house makes this picture very natural charm.

             Overall a garden house of Hue usually ships or fence rows hibiscus tea is neatly trimmed, carefully look beautiful. At the back is the fence, lush bamboo. Often the gateway to the brick paving, roof tiles or wooden simplicity, followed by small fronts of brick or wood, and then the courtyards, lotus ponds with lily pools with shallow bonsai above. New backcourt to the house three times or five times, two lean-tos. Surrounding the house are gardens or flower garden consists of flowers and ornamental plants with these fruits rich in species of the North - Central - South. Remaining parcels of land at the rear of the garden is to plant vegetables and poultry.

             Hue garden is a work of art with aesthetic value both economic efficiency of harmony between nature and life. Hue's pastime in the home garden as well as a unique culture. The most common is an oasis with a miniature mountain, cave, with temples, with stream, waterfall, people and animals, symbolizing the scenes activities or historical, legendary, ancient certain area.

              In the well-off, the house is usually the couch, flanked by tea chests, inlaid with proof of precious antiques, even the birds touch downs cattle, fruit ...

              Today, the garden house in Hue ancient little rest. It's hidden garden built in 1895, the garden built in 1889 Lac Vien, Ngoc Son Princess garden built around 1920 ... Besides some of the garden is also embellished many gardeners are severely degraded because the owners can not afford repairs or segmentation for children. This was not the case for many homeowners to sell the house to the garden for all other debt payments. So which of the garden each year is shrinking, and replaced on the location villa gardens are spacious, modern ...

              However, many owners of the garden has captured the market and economic development needs of the tourism industry has been quick to invest capital in the business park is quite effective. Hue Festival 2004 many employers have turned their garden into a boarding house for receiving visitors and tourism. Visitors to stay at home in the garden suburbs will reach stillness scenery, fresh air, enjoy the many pleasures of the local places where prices are very affordable.

             To develop sustainable tourism and not to lose, but the landscape of the ancient Hue garden houses in Hue City in collaboration with the Center for Preservation of capital restoration plan implementation, embellished motorhome Hue to produce standards for the owner of the home garden application. There is like a garden tour with a new solid direction in the future and attract a large number of visitors to the rest, sightseeing and entertainment.

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