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Known as the "Pearl of the Orient", Nha Trang is famous for beautiful natural landscapes and the variety of dishes

         Is a beautiful coastal city in Vietnam, Nha Trang is known as the "Pearl of the Far East" and has always attracted tourists in the country and the most international Vietnam. With a cool climate, many beautiful beaches and luxury resorts, Nha Trang beach is always the first choice of travelers to Vietnam, especially in the summer.


        Seaside coconut groves and casuarinas more flattering ecstatic "Pearl of the East". Nha Trang Bay full convergence factors mountains, rivers, seas, lagoons, islands, fields, villages ... to create a rich and valuable characteristics. This is a rare form of natural bay system in the world, with biodiversity, and most typical ecosystems of tropical seas.


An island of Nha Trang Bay

       Not only known for its beautiful scenery captivating, tourism Nha Trang is also known by the abundance of culinary. Nha Trang delicious cuisine from popular dishes such as fish noodles, cake soup, pancakes to the European-style dishes, Asia at restaurant, luxury hotels. Nha Trang cake soup, made ​​from freshwater fish and bread soup powder will create an unforgettable taste that visitors can hardly ignore ...


Nha Trang bread soup

        When visiting Nha Trang, tourists can not miss a unique landscape and a historical sites of Nha Trang - Po Nagar towers. This is a Champa temples from the 8th century, a special temples of the ancient kingdom of Champa, where the worship of Po Nagar, symbolizes beauty, art and creativity. Visitors to the tower Ponagar also can enjoy the ancient Champa dance by the Champa people perform.


Ponagar-tower of the ancient kingdom Champa

        Since the 30s of the 20th century, Nha Trang has a museum of Oceanography. To visit the museum, visitors have the opportunity not only admire the beauty of hundreds of creatures, but also have the opportunity to learn more than 10 thousand kinds of sea creatures are being stored, including those species are endangered.In addition,Nha Trang island and snorkelling tour is the form most tourists enjoy. Here, they can swim with the fish and see firsthand the colorful coral reefs in the ocean.


Museum of Oceanography

       Visiting Nha Trang, the tourist should visit Ba waterfall, which is tourism center of hot mineral springs to enjoy a new method of mudbath and soaking in the natural mineral water.

       Nha Trang was the club of the most beautiful bays in the world recognized as one of 29 most beautiful bays in the world. Nha Trang is the venue for many important events of Vietnam and international, such as the contest Miss Universe 2008 and Miss Earth 2010.

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