The 36 streets of Hanoi Old Quarter

36 Hanoi Old Quarter is located in central of Hanoi capital. This place has attracted so many tourists over the years. Tourist enjoyed to visiting and purchase items by pedicab or walking


Hanoi Old Quarter appear from the 11th century, when Ly Thai To leave Hoa Lu to Thang Long. Hanoi Old Quarter includes 36 streets. Residents from the villages around the Northern Delta region focused on living, creating the most crowded neighborhoods the city.

Urban population is concentrated handicraft activities and all trade, forming the characteristic occupations City, bringing the separate tradition of urban residents .

hanoi old quarter


The most features of the Hanoi Old Quarter is items. Each street has a distinctive career. So, the products are becoming trafficked street name, with the word "Hang" in front of. each street sells a commodity.

Currently, some streets still retain traditional products such as Hang Bac (silver, jewelry) , Hang Ma (toys, worship) , Hang Dao (silk), Hang Duong (cake candy , dried apricot box)... Also some cities but not to keep traditional crafts, but also focuses sells a commodity: Hang Quat (worshiping), Hang Buom (confectionery), Hang Ma (travel services), Cau Go (jewelry).

So far , this is still the most bustling downtown of Ha Noi . Walk streets were open here. Tourists can visit and purchase items by pedicab or walking.

hanoi old quarter

Tourists can visit and purchase in Hanoi Old Quarter

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Hanoi's Old Quarter