The biggest Christmas tree in Vietnam

Christmas tree is more than 30 meters high, weighs 5 tons and is decorated with 100,000 LEDs. The biggest Christmas tree in Vietnam is located in Royal City, a major urban area in Hanoi.

Being prepared for many days, the record high Christmas tree in Hanoi was completed on December 10.

On the evening of December 10 and 11, the lighting ceremony and the record certificate receiving ceremony were held at the square of the Royal City urban area.

The Christmas tree received the record certificate from the Vietnam Record Book Center two weeks before the Christmas.

A lot of people came here to take pictures with the special tree.

This pine tree has a height of 32.5m, a width of almost 15m and weighs more than 5 tons.

The tree is decorated with 100,000 LEDs and thousands of accessories.

The tree will be here until the end of the Lunar New Year.

Hanoi also has a record tall Christmas tree at the Trang Tien Plaza.

This tree is 15m high, 6m wide and is decorated with tens of thousands of light bulbs and accessories.

This is also a favorite spot to take pictures of young people during the Christmas.

Source: Internet