Tourism hanoi old quarters by pedicabs

- It is a joy to relax on the soft seat of a cyclo, gently passing through the 36 ancient streets and watching the busy life in these craft guild alleys.

- It is a joy to relax on the soft seat of a cyclo, gently passing through the 36 street of Hanoi Old Quarter and watching the busy life in these craft guild alleys.

pedicabs in hanoi

- The slow rolling of the wheels, passing steep-roofed houses and hearing both the strange and familiar sounds of life, will give you a taste of the local scene.

- Pedicabs can take you deep into the network of very narrow lanes to avoid traffic congestion, stopping at a moment’s notice to do some shopping or get an explanation from your cyclo driver pidgin English and sign language are amazing tools of communication – about local history or any curiosity you might be passing.

- Pedicabs go through each lane ringing their familiar bells and are right at home in these ancient streets. You should carry a camera to take photos of these memorable moments in Hanoi.

- Pedicabs seem to stir up a nostalgia about Hanoi, together with The Huc Bridge and Tortoise Tower. The name of the pedicab is borrowed from French, but has become so much a part of Vietnamese that many people would not guess that it first appeared here in colonial times. At first, it was a simple means of transport to carry goods. Later they began to be used to serve tourists.

- In the 1990s, pedicabs became a tool to earn a living for many labourers. This was the period when Hanoi had the largest number of pedicabs. You could hear the pedicab bells and see the smiles of pedicab riders everywhere. The rapid increase in available vehicles has made the pedicab almost obsolete for locals. However, it is still close to people’s lives in Hanoi’s old quarter and has become a unique feature in the tourism and wedding culture of the capital.

pedicabs since 1990

Pedicabs in 1990

- Now, just some 300 pedicabs are permitted to serve tourists in central Hanoi. They are painted with the specific design of each company. Hanoi now has 4 companies offering pedicab services: Metropole, Van Hoa (culture), Huy Phong and Sans Souci, operating a total of 276 cyclos. These services have helped to attract more visitors from France, England, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

- Pedicab drivers usually wear uniforms. Although they often come from distant provinces, they know all the lanes of each street in the old quarter. Their work is not simply to earn a living; it is also a tourism and cultural activity. They often improve their knowledge and communication skills to become tour guides. Many of them have become dear and close friends for foreign tourists who want to discover the beauty of the capital’s culture, architecture and gastronomy.

Tourism hanoi old quarters by pedicabs

Tourism hanoi old quarters by pedicabs
Tourism hanoi by pedicabs

- Foreign tourists to Hanoi love to go shopping for souvenirs by pedicab, especially through Hang Gai Street to buy silk, Hang Duong Street to buy jam, stop to buy books on Dinh Le Street or drink a beer on Ta Hien Street.

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