Travel to Sapa - Bac Ha

When it comes to Sapa, we think about a popular tourist area with a mild climate the year around. Besides Sa Pa, Bac Ha is a district in northeastern Lao Cai with natural landscapes and magnificent history

When it comes to Sapa, we think about a popular tourist area with a mild climate the year around. Dubbed as the city of clouds, Sapa as more seductive by the pine trees line, the buildings were built during the French ... immersed in clouds,  and its hide the mountain foot Fansipan majestic.

Sapa travel hanoi old quarter hotel Newvision, tourists should not ignore the Ham Rong mountain location, where is known as the "sky garden" with a lot of flowers blooming all year around. Ham Rong Mountain belonging Hoang Lien Son mountain range, is one of the few mountains in Việt Nam have figurative elements most clearly, looking at it from the distance like a dragon hovering between clouds.


Sapa mountains and forests grandeur

Along the way up Ham Rong mountain, visitors will be amazed when caught strange flowers of the temperate regions of Sapa. Anywhere's also brilliant colors of rhododendron flowers, roses, ... Going far ahead, visitors will reach a flower garden in full color with hundreds of species of orchids have different names.


One of the orchids in the flower garden on Ham Rong Mountain

The terraces paddies are the most prominent characteristics of Sapa, travelers will be surprised when directly witness the magnificent terraced fields as the high ladder reaching to the sky. Sapa rice terraces are not only spectacular beautiful but also extremely charm and romantic by harmonious colors under the sun and the mist layer cover. Therefore, Sapa rice terraces not only aesthetic value but also cultural values, ​​embodied in the arable experience, production practices, forming terraced fields of each ethnic. The terraced fields has brought the different characteristics, creating various cultural terraces of the ethnic community mountainous Sapa.


The successive terraced fields as the ladder to heaven

Besides Sa Pa, Bac Ha is a place visitors should not miss while in Lao Cai. The most interesting point of Muong Hum Market is bustling market day scene highlands, the traditional costumes of ethnic brilliant colors, the limpid eyes, shining smile of the girl or the Bac Ha natural beauty as a picture.


The outdoor market of ethnic minorities

Bac Ha is a district in northeastern Lao Cai with natural landscapes and magnificent history. Along with the natural scene endowed as the majestic mountains, rivers and caves, hospitable people. This area also is a convergence the colorful ethnic cultures, the specialties of the Northwest, created ​​especially attractive tourist attraction pilgrims coming to Bac Ha.

Referring to Bac Ha is reminiscent of a land of flowers apricots, plum blossom, where have the liquor yeast corn charming and the highland market has gone into poetry, and works of art. Not only that, Bac Ha is still inhabited by 14 ethnic Vietnamese,in which ethnic groups accounted for the largest number as Hmong, Dao, Tay, Nung, ... Each ethnic has a unique culture own identity, contributing to the richness of the picture Bac Ha Plateau.


Bac Ha is the residence of the forest flowers apricot, plum blossom

Tourists to Bac Ha do not only sightseeing beautiful scenery Heaven bestowed this land, but also to learn the culture, the traditions and customs incredibly unique of the ethnic minorities living here. Most visitors to Bac Ha are usually interested in the fair, where the buying and selling all kinds of fragrant flowers, sweet fruits of Bac Ha, or the brocades costume of H'mong, Dao, ... with be enough kind of brilliant colors. More specifically, Bac Ha has many festivals with the fan dance soft, flexible captivated many visitors to Bac Ha.


Traditional horse racing festival of the people of Bac Ha

Starting from the hotel in Hanoi Vietnam, there are many ways to Lao Cai, young people preferred backpacker travel by motorbike because it is an opportunity for them to discover and experience the most exciting, but most tourists choose to travel by train or car because it's safe and saves time